Trip to New York City to Apply for Travel Visas

Ms. Noël Carmichael and her husband Mr. Chisondi Mzese took a day away from work last week to travel to the Tanzanian Mission to the UN in midtown Manhattan. They brought with them passports, photographs, visa applications, parental permission letters and other documents and fees for all nine students and both chaperones. It seems that all of the documents were in order and the visas will be issued soon. Mr. Mzese will return to New York to collect the visas this Friday, May 10. The window to retrieve the visas is 11am – 1pm.

It was Mr. Mzese’s first time in New York, so they spent the day exploring the City and packed in as many landmarks as they could, including having dinner at a Somali restaurant in Harlem.

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At the Tanzanian Mission, they had a “small world moment” when  Mr. Mzese discovered that he had family members in common with Salim, the man working the front desk at the embassy. Here they are “playing the name game” in Swahili:


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