Fundraiser: Building a Playground for a Pre-School in Tanzania

We are nine students from Northwood School in Lake Placid, NY, USA. Our LEAP (Learn, Engage, Apply, Perform) course this year is “Service and Safari in Tanzania.” We will be in Tanzania from May 19 – 26, 2019. We are partnering with a local preschool to build a playground for the children of the school.


Your donation will help us raise $2,000 in order to purchase and install a complete playground similar to those we enjoyed when we were their age. We will buy all of the materials from a local Tanzanian company, ensuring all of the money raised will support the local economy.

When we are in Tanzania, we will meet and play with the children who will use the playground and prepare the site where it will be installed.

We hope you will support our efforts to improve the lives of these Tanzanian schoolchildren.

Thank you!

– Rintaro, Peter, Brian, Emily, Scotty, Lucas, Braelyn, Mateo, and Noah

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